From putting out fires to helping the handicapped to selling quality cars, volunteers, workers and professionals in Mohegan Lake certainly know how to provide residents with a plethora of helpful and comforting services. There are several Mohegan Lake motor services such as Mohegan Lake Motors Inc. and J & J Auto Sales. Located on East Main, these two Mohegan Lake motor service providers appeal to all of their clients' economic, practical and vehicular sensibilities. Services in the health sector of Mohegan Lake, NY include the dental care of Kaufman and Strauss DDS, to name one, and the nearby Hudson Valley Hospital Center. Freedom Gardens for the Handicapped Inc. provides health and well-being services for motor skill impaired residents of Mohegan Lake. In the safety sector, the Mohegan Volunteer Fire Association prides itself on prompt and cool-headed responses to emergency. Particularly comforting is the Mohegan Fire Department Ambulance. To name yet another helpful service provider, the building department in Mohegan Lake strictly abides by all property regulations for the sake of its residents. Cortlandt Town Center CBL Associates Properties Inc. is located right on E. Main. Mohegan Lake, New York is a model for any small town in keeping its residents and visitors safe, happy and cohesive.