Frequently Asked Question

Fed up with city life, my family and I are picking up and moving to Mohegan Lake, New York in Westchester County. Is this a good part of New York in which to raise children?

Mohegan Lake, NY is indeed an ideal spot for raising a family. Not only are the town services, such as the Mohegan Volunteer Fire Association, comforting and protective, but the Mohegan Lake schools diligently care for the educational well-being of its residents' children. In addition, Mohegan Lake offers dozens of child and family entertainment options like fabulous family dining and historical landmarks around the Hudson Valley to explore.

I am a small business owner who is considering planting myself and my employees in Mohegan Lake, New York. How do you think my economic and social reception will go?

Mohegan Lake is a haven for unique small businesses. Not only are the residents open and generous with the local commerce, but tourists up on the Metro-North line from New York City love to frequent singular shops and stores in the Hudson River towns. Westchester County is particularly giving with its local small businesses, so I'd say situating your self in Mohegan Lake is safe bet. Check with the building department in Mohegan Lake before you take the plunge.

Are there any Mohegan Lake motor services that are reliable and trustworthy?

Mohegan Lake, New York and the greater Westchester County boast dozens and dozens of reputable motor services. Mohegan Lake Motors Inc. and J & J Auto Sales, to name a couple located on E. Main St, are models of customer service and dependability. So if you are in the market for a new car or repair of your old car, don't hesitate to come by any Mohegan Lake motor service provider.

How can I stay in shape and get a breath of fresh air as a resident of Mohegan Lake, NY?

Mohegan Lake, NY just happens to be situated amid dozens of outdoor activity sites. Check out the Camp Field Reservoir, just north-east of Mohegan Lake, to jog around or explore the Hudson Valley flora. To the east, the Hudson River offers several sporting activities, such as hiking, fishing and kayaking. Although the hamlet of Mohegan Lake, New York is only 2.9 square miles, jogging in and around the quaint street is a fun workout and a chance to get to know the neighbors. Mohegan Lake itself is a small, but scenic spot to walk around and take the family dog. Historical preservation sites throughout the Hudson Valley are another great option for fresh air and a brisk walk back in time.

How are Mohegan Lake restaurants?

Mohegan Lake restaurants are among the best in Westchester County. From munching on Peking ravioli at the Hunan House, to savoring lasagna at Fratelli Pesci, residents and visitors of Mohegan Lake are always welcomed, well-fed and content. Try Brodie's Pub on E. Main or the Dutch Bar Restaurant on Route 6 for some casual yet mouth-wateringly good eats. After dining at a Mohegan Lake restaurant, why not spend a cozy night in any Mohegan Lake inn or Mohegan Lake hotel? There's always more good treatment on the way at Mohegan Lake, NY.